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Why 100 ASA?

100 ASA is not the classic online photo gallery where photographers can just upload their photos. This is not your average photo site. All photos on 100 ASA are curated by the community!
Our standards are high, but don't let that discourage you. We believe that everyone has an inner photographer, just waiting to be discovered.
Learning is very important for us that’s why one of the most important activity on 100 ASA is to provide expert feedback on other photographer photos to help them to improve.
Getting published on 100 ASA is a great achievement.
Every day millions photos are uploaded on Facebook alone.
100 ASA is something different. We publish only a small amount of photos every week, giving them the exposure they deserve.

100 ASA is a curated gallery

Only photos of the highest quality are published. Our community carefully review the photos based on a number of different criteria.

Everyone can become a Moderator

Reputation is earned by convincing your peers that you know what you’re talking about. The more reputation you earn, the more privileges you gain.

Only 3% of photos get published

You will increase your photographer reputation ,get professional feedback's and comments from the best photographers out there!

The community for professional photographers

Join us to discover and share incredible photos, gain global exposure, and get professional advice

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